Saturday, February 9

Robert Timms

Hello everyone! (:

I just had breakfast at Macdonalds at King Albert Park for the first time in ages and I'm still pretty amazed at how Macdonalds always manage to taste so consistently good (: Yum.

Another alternative place that serves breakfast meals with consistently good quality is Robert Timms! (: I really like going to Robert Timms for their all-day breakfast sets because they never fail to pick me up!

We would usually order their cappuccino ($6.30) because that is our default coffee drink! This time we didn't request for the usual animal-stenciled-coffee art so we got this swirly thing that you see above. 

During my last visit, however, I spotted Chai Tea Latte ($5.80) on the menu and I couldn't resist ordering it! (: It was actually one of the sweetest chai tea latte that I've had and non-biting, so it didn't really hit the spot for me but it was still not bad! (: Would consider this my alternative drink whenever I visit Robert Timms.

As usual, I would always go for their French Toast with Fruits ($11.80) and it never fails to satisfy me (: I will attempt to make this one day!

Matty had the Breakfast Down Under ($15.50) that day and it was so-so. I guess it can be a tad more spectacular if the sausage had a more authentic feel to it but we aren't complaining cos it's more than decent for the price paid (:

I really like Robert Timms and it's fast becoming one of my default places to go when I want to have a simple, quick meal (: Not only are the serving sizes and prices reasonable, the standard of the food is generally average or above average and that's sufficient for a simple meal!

Have a great weekend and a fantastic time celebrating Lunar New Year! (:

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