Sunday, February 24

Au Chocolat

Hello! (: 

It's been terribly long since I last updated =( Life has taken over and I am finding it increasingly difficult to find time to update this space but I will do my best! (: 

I have been to Au Chocolate twice in the past month and frankly speaking, I'm glad that I decided to pop by this place because they serve fantastic food and drinks! (:

If you haven't already heard, Au Chocolat's Hot Fudge ($10) is THE best hot chocolate drink I've tasted in Singapore! (: It's creamy, thick and extremely heartwarming! You'll probably find this too gelat if you aren't a huge chocolate fan like me but I absolutely adore it! I ordered this drink both times I went there and it didn't disappoint! If there were another Au Chocolat outlet near my place, I'd definitely pop by more often!

Their mains are pretty decent too! We had the Au Chocolat Eggs Benedict ($18), which was just nice for someone with an average appetite. The chocolate sauce was interesting but nothing too queer for the tastebuds so this dish was actually quite alright (: 

This is how The Great Carnivore Breakfast Set ($20) looks like. You can have this if you feel like having a big omelette! I'm pretty sure it'll fill you up (:

I was totally unprepared for how sinful their French Toast ($18) was going to be! Personally I dislike whipped cream and I will try my best not to eat too much cream because it makes me feel pukish but I daringly ate ALL the whipped cream shown in this photo (and suffered for it later hurhur) because I was famished! =S In all honesty, I felt that this was a tad too decadent for my liking because not only was there copious amount of cream, the toast was also deep-fried so it felt like a mega artery-clogging dish. Haha Nevertheless, I managed to finish the entire set of French Toast but I would strongly encourage people to share this instead of trying to eat it on your own (unless you are very hungry of course).

To top it all off, we ordered truffle fries ($15), which came in a HUGE paper cone as pictured above. It definitely is sufficient for 3-5 people and if you like the smell of truffle, then this would definitely hit the spot for you! Try it! (:

My sister and I went back again during CNY period and we had the savoury and sweet crepe. I think the savoury crepes are very worth it because they are chokful of ingredients! (: The sweet crepe that I ordered was just average so I think I might need to order another kind of sweet crepe the next time I visit.

Yup that is all for now. Have a great week ahead! (:

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