Friday, April 12

Bar & Billard

Hello everyone! (:

This weekend'll be a busy one for me as I'll be away for a school camp till 1pm on Sunday afternoon. Personally, I feel that having a camp in the middle of the school term is a horrendous idea and I do hope that we will be able to eventually shift the date of this camp but I'll just do my best to help out at this camp so that it will run smoothly.

Last week, we went to Bar and Billard for the first time in a long while and I was happy that we ended up at this restaurant because it turned out to be a very conducive place for talking and catching up with one another over good food (:

What I especially like about Bar and Billard is its tall ceilings and that it is relatively quiet compared to other weekend restaurants which are usually bustling with loud chatter. Here, we could enjoy our afternoon eating and chatting at ease without having to worry that we weren't speaking loud enough for each other to hear us.

We paid $55++/pax and the selection and quality of food was pretty good for that price! (: I especially loved the warm food section as well as the desserts section! I kept going for many rounds of the same dishes because they were fantastic! (: Here are some photos of the food that we had that day:

If you would like to find an alternative lunch venue this weekend, you might wish to pop by Bar and Billard and I hope that you'll have as good an experience there as I did! (:

Alright I have to crash now lest I can't last tomorrow's programme.. wish me luck! Have a great weekend! (:

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