Saturday, April 20

My Fling with Macaroons


Sorry I haven't blogged in a while cos I was stuck in school for a camp last weekend and had loads of work to catch up on during the week so have gone radio silent for a while.

Life is, as usual, busy but it has been good (: Perhaps the latest update that I have is that I'm officially having a fling with macaroons. I've never liked macaroons nor have I gone so far as to buy a box of them but recently, I've found myself doing that quite a bit.

This box is from Antoinette and they cost $32.10 for a box of 12. They are possibly the best that I've tasted so far.. (: Can't wait to get my hands on the Laduree ones but these shall suffice for now (:

Am not sure how long this fling will last but even as I (over)indulge in macaroons and other desserts, I know that chocolates will always be my one and only true love. (:

Have a great weekend! (:

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