Saturday, April 12


Hello (:

It's been a crazily long week and I'm so thankful that the madness has finally ended. I must say that I'm very grateful to have wonderful kids who will somehow rise to the occasion and perform to/ beyond my expectations and am also very very appreciative and grateful to my supportive and caring siblings and bubs who have been slogging with me for the past few weeks. Thank you all so much! I am feeling very tired but very blessed at the moment.

So while I wait for my hair to dry so that I can crash for the night, I'll upload two photos which I took recently at my meal at Chili's. Chili's is definitely a significant place to me because of all the memories associated with this place, especially the Tanglin branch. It's my to-go-to comfort food place and I really think that it'll always occupy a special place in my foodie list. So here they are:

Mushroom Alfredo Pasta ($17) 

Classic Beef Fajitas ($29)

Okay time to rest now (: Goodnight! (:

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