Saturday, April 5

Sun with Moon


It's pouring outside at the moment so that gave me the impetus to post some photos of rainy-day comfort food (: Personally, I think warm/ soupy foods are splendid for rainy days and Sun with Moon's set meals are perfect for such days! (:

I am currently going through a yuzu-honey tea ($5.50) phase and whenever I see this beverage on the menu, I'll definitely get it! I think $5.50 for this cup of tea is ridiculously overpriced though =| But it kept me warm and it sustained me while waiting for my food to arrive.

My dining partner decided to have the cold ginger tea ($5.50), which I conveniently forgot to try. I've only ever drunk warm ginger tea so I don't know how the cold version tastes.. but I guess it shouldn't differ too much? Will make it a point to try next time.

If you are a fan of sushi, you can order this Premium Sushi Set ($36.80), which comes with a variety of fresh sushi and a big bowl of soup with salmon! (: It's HUGE and it will definitely fill you up! (:

Not to be beaten by the Premium Sushi Set, my Shokado Set ($36.80) was equally substantial and it was just what I needed that day because I was famished! I liked everything that was served so I think this set is perfect for me. Oh the only let down was the piece of mackerel at the top left hand corner of the tray - it was hardly edible cos it was very hard =| Other than that, it was perfect! (:

My set even came with a scoop of green tea ice cream topped with red bean paste (: Yumyum.

Alright I'll think of where I can possibly go for lunch later and what I should eat! (: But if the weather stays this way, I might just order something in.. we shall see! (:

Have a great weekend! (:

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