Saturday, April 26


Whenever we are around the Somerset area and we feel like eating brunch food, Oriole Cafe is our default choice! (:

Our typical meal there starts off with us indulging in their wonderful coffee (: We usually have citrus sin coffee but our last visit to Oriole, we decided to give other drinks a shot. Matty had the chili mocha ($6) while I had an upsized mint mocha ($7) which I really liked (: It doesn't hurt that their latte art is so pretty!

And he settled for bangers and mash ($18), which was non-fussy and easy to prepare. He said their sausages were good cos they didn't taste too processed.

I ordered the salmon benedict ($19) which took forever to come because they missed out my order! =| But thankfully they were super gracious about it - not only did they apologise profusely, they also decided to waive our dessert charge! (: (: Anyhow, the salmon benedict was pretty unusual because they used Chinese spinach (which I thought was quite strange cos it gave the entire dish a different taste) and they also used cooked salmon fillet, which I liked because while I don't really mind smoked salmon, I think I prefer nicely cooked salmon fillet! (: The hollandaise sauce was also thick and creamy, so it complemented everything well.

A photo of our free dessert - my banoffee in a cup! I absolutely love this dessert and almost always have it when I'm at Oriole. Some find it too sweet so it might be a good idea to share this (:

Term 2 is a crazy term and we're only halfway through it! Shall persevere and look fwd to the end (:

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