Friday, May 23

Little Diner


It's the final leg of term 2 and it is unexpectedly busy. Though I've been working for a few years already, I realise that I only get a sense of deja vu when I go through the similar phases each year.. somehow my memory has its way of wiping itself clean and only kicking in when it's time, which I guess is quite a good thing because it means that I spend most of my other time living in the moment (or so I would like to think).

However, the post-marking and post marks-check period has been rather kind in that it afforded me some time to meet up with friends whom I haven't met in a while.

A week or so ago, I met up with Nick at Little Diner, which is a cafe near my place and it serves relatively good food (: I know that I am not a fan of their truffle fries but their crab cakes are great!

We ordered two starters to share - crab cakes ($11.50) and calamari ($9.50) - and both didn't disappoint at all! (:

If you are a fan of mac and cheese, you have to order theirs! (: There are actually two choices and on that day, Nick chose to have the Version 2 Mac and Cheese ($19.50). Frankly speaking, I can't recall what the differences between the two different mac and cheese dishes are but this was absolutely creamy and cheesy! I was very thankful that we were sharing all our dishes because I would definitely not be able to finish this on my own since I'm not a huge fan of cheese. Nevertheless, it was tasty! (:

We were too cheesed out at the end of our meal to even have any dessert so we skipped that altogether. It was great catching up with Nick and I wish him all the best for his rather exciting plans for the future (:

Half a day more at school tomorrow and then I can welcome the weekend! (:

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