Monday, May 12

Taste Paradise

Hello (:

I've been consciously making the choice to spend time with people who matter these few days because I hardly ever have time during term time to meet up with people and catch up with them so these few days have been filled with social activities. Tomorrow will be siblings-day and I suspect we'll end up slouching in front of the teevee, eating pizza while having a Running Man marathon! Heh. It'll be a great way to end the long weekend (:

Am going to blog about my recent trip to Taste Paradise, which was only so-so because the usual steamed dimsums (e.g. the har gaos and the xiao long baos) were shockingly bad =( The skin of the dimsums stuck to the paper that lined the container that they came in so the dimsums' skin broke even before we could eat them. Ah well. Thankfully the rest of the dishes weren't so bad so on the whole, the experience was not too bad (:

Now for some photos:

Refillable Chrysanthemum Tea ($3.80 per pax) 

Complimentary pickles 

Wasabi Century Egg Cold Tofu ($8.80) - this was simple and nice (: 

Fried Pumpkin Pastry ($4.20)  

Deep fried prawn and mango rolls with mayo inside ($5.60) - this was very yummy! (: 

Steamed Chicken Feet ($4.20)  

 Fried tofu and anchovies ($8.80) 

Xiao Long Baos ($4.80) - disappointing 

 Har Gaos ($5.80) - equally disappointing 

Steamed rice rolls with scallops ($6.20)  

Steamed custard bun ($5.80) - always a favourite of mine (: 

All in all, I think there are hits and misses so you can take your chance when you dine at Taste Paradise (:

Alright that's all for now (: Have a restful Vesak Day! (:

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