Sunday, August 31

The Missing Pan (Day)

Hello (:

We went to the not-so-new cafe in the hood, The Missing Pan, recently and left pretty impressed with the food that they serve (: In fact, their brunchy/breakfasty food left such a deep impact that we decided to head back there yesterday for dinner, not knowing that they didn't serve their brunchy/breakfasty food at dinner, which was disappointing, but more about that in another post.

We were lucky to have visited during a time when traffic was slow and so we could enjoy our meal in peace (: We also managed to get a seat next to the window, which was lovely because there was lots of natural light (it was a cloudy day) coming in and we could also look at the street and watch the world go by (:

We started off with a small little cup of macchiato ($4.50) and a cup of mocha ($6.50). I realise that I usually order mocha when I can't decide whether to have cappuccino or hot chocolate because in my mind, a mocha is a mix between the two =P Both drinks were good (: I would have preferred it if they were a little warmer but that's just me.

We ordered their famous eggs benedict with salmon ($22), which was carefully made (apparently the eggs were cooked at 66degrees or something like that) and the thick mini-slabs of salmon were also prepped well. This dish is filling so if you are hungry, you might want to order this (:

Their usual french toast contained meat so I opted for the children's non-meaty version of french toast, but the kind staff upsized my portion to adult portion and it became this mega plate of goodness! If I had not been famished, I swear I would NEVER be able to finish this because it was neverending! hahaha Well this dish left me stuffed for the rest of the day and I couldn't eat dinner till late.. so I guess the $19 was well-spent =P

We also took home a mixfruit crumble ($6.50) and one chocolate tart ($7) - both were heavenly! If you are a chocolate fan like me, you must try the chocolate tart! You will probably like it too (: The fruit tart was surprisingly good and I ate most if it for dessert at night (:

I really would like to go back again in the near future for more yummy breakfast/brunch (: Perhaps I'll visit it during Sept break or something (: I can't wait for Sept hols to arrive! There's so much to be done but at least I wouldn't have to go to school (: Have a great weekend everyone! (:

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