Saturday, August 16

The Ship

Hello! (:

I am so relieved that the weekend is finally here because this has been an extremely packed week! As we move closer towards the end of the term, kids and teachers start to fray because we are all just trying our best to keep afloat and to make sure we get whatever that needs to be done, done. I really hope that all of us will just keep threading and kicking till we reach the finish line with no/ few mishaps or misfortunes.

Anyhow, enough about school for now. I'd like to recount my trip to NEX shopping centre, which is on the other end of Sg (from where I live at), where my good friend and I ate at The Ship because he had told me that The Ship serves very decent western fare.

Believe it or not, I have never eaten at The Ship in my life so I didn't know what to expect. So imagine my surprise when I walked into the restaurant and saw this:

The entire restaurant was filled with nautical/ shippy related items/ decorations, which was on one hand quite tacky but the other quite thematic =P 

After taking a quick photo of that decorative item, we proceeded to order our food cos we were famished! (: For drinks, we each got a glass of cold green drink: 

Fresh Apple Juice ($.5.50) and Honey Avocado Shake ($5.50) 
The honey avocado shake, which was recommended by the waiter, totally did not disappoint and I loved every drop of it! (:

We both ordered set lunches and each set lunch came with our choice of main dish, a soup, a dessert and a cup of coffee/tea (:

 Our soup of the day (Mushroom Soup) and bread buns

I ordered the Seafood Set Lunch ($25.90) and was treated to this delightful platter! (: Thankfully, the portions weren't too huge or I would not have been able to finish my food!

He ordered the Steak Set Lunch ($19.90) and it was good, though I thought the slices of steak looked smaller than expected.

To end off our meal, we each had a scoop of icecream for dessert as well as a cup of coffee/ tea (: The tea was strangely bitter though =|

I was bursting by the end of the meal because the 3 courses really added up and I was more than happy to take a walk around the very populated NEX shopping mall. We went to support our kids at the Science Buskers booths and bought some things before going home (:

Every weekend should be relaxing and fun/food-filled (: I really cherish my weekends and I can't wait to eat more yummy food later/ tomorrow! (:

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