Monday, August 11

Toby's Estate

Hello (:

This shall be a really short post because I have unfinished work to do! =| The long weekend has been nothing short of glorious and I'm always thankful for these extra pockets of time for me to meet up with people who matter (:

I'll do proper posts of food that I had over the long weekend another time but to ease into the beginning of four relentless week till the end of term, here're some happyfying photos that I took at Toby's, where my two friends and I went for brunch earlier this morning (:

I quite liked the chai tea latte cos it is not overly-sweet (though it still is sweet) and it has nice foam (: The french toast were a little too bland for my liking. The macerated fruits and the accompanying 'fruit sauce' were supposed to complement the fluffy toasts well but I think I prefer fruits in their natural state plus a serving of honey/ maple syrup on the side. Perhaps I should have just asked for maple syrup! Oh well. It was definitely not bad, just that it wasn't to my liking (:

Alright, shall finish my work and head to bed! (: Goodnight and have a great week ahead! (:

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