Sunday, October 5

Fosters Restaurant

Hello (:

I realised that there are a few 'safe' places that we tend to return to whenever it comes to certain types of food and Fosters is our choice for steak. He really loves the steak at Fosters because regardless of whichever that he chooses, it always turns out to be satisfying (:

On our last trip there, we forgot that there was set lunch available so we went ahead to order our ala carte dishes, but the extra money spent proved to be worth it because our food were so yummy and we were stuffed by the end of the meal!

Here're the photos of the dishes we had:

Cheesy Fries ($6.50) 

Carpetbag Steak ($39), which is quite cool because it's a piece of tenderloin stuffed with fresh oysters! I don't really know how they managed to squeeze the oysters in there but the dissection of this piece of meat showed that you need some skill to do that beautifully!

My Mushroom & Asparagus Linguini ($22),  which is basically linguini sautéed in aglio olio style served with so many juicy mushrooms! Gosh I was stunned when I saw my food because I knew I wouldn't be able to finish all these cute mushrooms. Thankfully I had some help so it was alright =P

Affogato ($7.50) for dessert because we too full to have a proper dessert! (: This was surprisingly yummy and the alcohol taste wasn't too strong so I could have more of the ice-cream! Yum!

Alright enjoy the great weather and have a good Sunday! (:

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