Thursday, October 2

Mid-week Reprieve at Westgate: more Skinny Pizza and Gelato

Hello (:

I have been frequenting Westgate a lot more in the second half of this year as I somewhat prefer it to Clementi Mall. I think the reasons are that it is one of the nearest malls to my place and that the mall has more to offer than Clementi mall. I tend to have late dinners and it makes finding real food difficult because the places around my area close around/by 8pm, so this means that I've no choice but to go to go to one of the malls to get food as well as to buy breakfast for the next day (:

These are just some pictures taken during my recent trip to Westgate (: I think I will remember this dinner date with my sister because we spoke about plans that will probably affect our lives in the short (and perhaps, long) run and I think we are somewhat aligned in terms of what to expect and what we can/ should do from here on. Indeed, food brings comfort and, when taken with good company, is nothing short of awesome. (:

Have a great rest of the week (:

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