Sunday, October 26


Hello! (:

Things are fast changing where I am, in almost every aspect of my life, and sometimes I find myself wondering what the road ahead will be like but the conclusion after talking about things with people who matter usually is that I just need to continue whatever I've been doing for a while now - work hard, be open to changes, learn and adapt quickly, and to stay true to oneself.

I decided to do a post on Shallots because it is tangentially related to change, or rather, how losing something good might not be totally bad. What happened was that one of the staff who used to work at Chums, which was a cafe near my place but closed down, spotted us when we were dining in another restaurant at Marina Square and invited us to visit Shallots when we can. (I suspect the reason he could recognise us is because we were such regular customers at Chums!) We thought that it was a nice gesture so we decided to pop by when we were in that area again but he wasn't there when we visited so we didn't get to say hi, but it's alright (:

We had the set lunch that day which came with a main course and all-you-can-eat appetizer bar! The prices of set lunches range from $16.80 to $19.80, which we feel is reasonable because the food is good and the appetizer bar will definitely fill you up if you help yourself to most things there.

Here are some photos taken of our appetizers:

Our main courses:

Baked Pacific Fish Fillet with Herbal Lemon Crust (this set lunch costs $17.80) 

Grilled Rib-eye Steak with Red Wine Sauce and Fries (this set lunch costs $19.80)

Shallots is a cosy restaurant located at a corner of Marina Square (near Lady M) and it usually isn't too crowded, so I think it's a great place for a slow meal and good conversation (: I would definitely revisit it in the near future!

Alright (: Have a good Sunday! (:

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