Saturday, February 21


Hello (:

I must say that the roads seem a lot clearer this CNY and the malls are also surprisingly less crowded! I would have thought that normalcy would have resumed today because it's the weekend before yet another work week but I guess I was wrong. Not only did we manage to dodge the usual queue to the carpark at Clementi Mall, we also got a table at Ootoya relatively quickly and managed to treat ourselves to a sumptuous Japanese meal! (:

We all agreed that the quality of food at Ootoya is above average and we felt full after having one of their sets (which comes with rice, miso soup, a small cup of chawanmushi and some pickles) each. Pictured below are the mains that we had:

Initially, I was a tad worried that the waitress would think that we wanted ala carte dishes because she didn't ask if we wanted to upgrade our dishes to sets but I noticed that most people had sets placed on their tables so I guess having a set meal is the default option and if you don't wish to have a set, then the onus is on you to inform the waitress/ waiter of your preference.

After dinner, we went to NTUC to get groceries for the week ahead and also bought breakfast for tomorrow (: It feels nice being able to do all these together. If all goes well, we might choose to make this a routine in future - we shall see! (:

Alright have a good night's rest! Enjoy Sunday! (:

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