Sunday, February 1

Morton's The Steakhouse

Hello! (:

These past few weeks have been pretty gruelling and the upcoming week will be yet another long one but I'm very thankful for good friends, my trusty sisters and my happy-go-lucky kids as they keep me sane and placated at work and at home! (: 

To celebrate my birthday, Liangcai and I went to Morton's The Steakhouse to try some beef and other filling American dishes =P Somehow it didn't bother me that I couldn't eat the dish that their restaurant was famous for because there were many other popular dishes to try and it was my first time going to Morton's so I was happy that I was visiting some place new. 

Morton's was surprisingly packed on a Wednesday night and we saw many people eating a lot of food. I guess they might not have known that their portions are huge, hence the 'over-ordering' (or maybe they really could finish their food, I don't know). I couldn't even stomach dessert by the time we finished our starters and mains because I was stuffed to the brim! Thank goodness we could take a walk around Marina Square to ease the digestion process a little before going back home to sleep. 

Alright here are the photos we took that night:

I didn't keep the receipt so I don't know how much all these cost but I think the dishes aren't cheap, so be prepared to splurge a little when you visit!

Thanks Liangcai for the treat! It's great to be your partner-in-crime! =P

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