Saturday, April 18


Hello! (:

I've been really busy with school (even on weekends) so I haven't had the time to go out to eat yummy food that often but I try to do so at least once a week so that I can indulge in good food and better company (:

One evening not too long ago, we decided to just pop by Rubato after a long school day! We decided to give it a try because we have heard good reviews about this relatively new restaurant. Thankfully, we arrived before the dinner crowd because once dinner time came, the entire restaurant was full!

Their menu is pretty easy to read and you will definitely find something that you fancy, regardless of your taste preferences. We decided to go for the following dishes, which were lovely:

Fresh Oysters for starters

Risotto Quattro Funghi (risotto with four varieties of mushrooms), $24.80, which was very flavourful but might be slightly too salty for those with low tolerance for sodium. I like my food to be strong in taste so this was good for me (: I would think that the creaminess would have been too much for me to take on a day where I was less hungry but cos I was famished, I managed to clean the plate of its contents! 

Spaghetti alla Carbonara, $16.80. This was also cooked very well and the portion was just right. 

Tiramisu, $12.80. We wanted to try their lychee tiramisu but I think cos we weren't specific, we got a deconstructed tiramisu instead, which is just as well! (: While the presentation is interesting, I don't think the taste was anything spectacular. Nevertheless, it was above average and you can try this too if you are interested in tasting the various components.

We will most likely be back to try their other dishes but this time, we'll play safe and make a reservation! (:

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