Saturday, April 4

Noodle Place Restaurant

Hello (:

Sorry for the lack of updates! I've been pretty busy in school and whenever the weekend comes around, I find myself wanting to rest more which inevitably means that I'll be too lazy to try out new places to eat at but this weekend's a break from the usual pattern because we not only tried Hotel Jen's seafood buffet last night (it was only so-so), we also dropped by Noodle Place Restaurant at Somerset 313! (:

We have walked past this restaurant before but the queues were always long but we were in luck today! (: Got ourselves a seat near the entrance and started choosing what to eat.

We settled for their famous Shrimp Wanton Noodles in Soup (sorry the wantons got hidden by the noodles) and their abalone noodles!

I really liked the texture of the noodles cos it has a springy quality, much like the nicer noodles I had in Hong Kong so I really think that it's worth having noodles here (: The other ingredients that came with the noodles (i.e. the shrimp wantons and the abalone) were slightly meagre in portion but I guess it's cos of price constraints! I felt like I could eat 1.5portions on my own! Maybe we should have ordered their famous congee to try!

We'll definitely be back for more and we'll try other dishes when we return in the near future! (:

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