Monday, June 1


Hello! (:

On the first day of June break, we decided to go to IKEA for lunch because we had to check out some lights for SISC!

As expected, IKEA was extremely packed even though it was already 2plus (nearing 3!) in the afternoon and there were almost no empty seats at the IKEA cafe. Thankfully, after walking around for 10mins, we managed to find a table in the quieter part of the cafe, so I sat down while he went to get our food. I think that's how we get things done these days: divide and conquer. And that might just be the winning strategy (if applied correctly) to survive and thrive for the rest of the year (and possibly beyond?).

So here's a pic of the feast that he got for us (: I gobbled down my meal quickly cos I was famished by the time the food arrived, and then we proceeded to walk down the familiar aisles once we were done eating.

What a great way to start the June break (:

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