Saturday, June 6

Rise and Grind

Hello (:

I really can't believe that the first week of June break went by so quickly! I think this is partly due to the fact that I had to attend a 3day conference so that took up most of my week. However, I think being able to try new food places during the rest of the days helped in getting me into the holiday mood because I seldom have the luxury of time to travel to wherever it is that we wanna eat at to visit new food places and try new dishes!

Thankfully, there are enough eateries around my area to try out so we don't have to travel far distances all the time. My sister and I visited a new cafe at Bukit Timah Plaza and we were happy that the food is pretty good! (: We liked all the dishes that we ordered so I think we might go back to try others! (: I realised I didn't take a photo of her iced chocolate but other than that, the rest of the food items that we ordered have been photographed. All these items cost $50 in all so I guess the price is comparable to other cafe food prices. It's not too bad a place if you want cafe-type food or just a place to hide from the heat! (:

Oh I must mention that I really like their waffles! However, it can be quite filling, especially if you aren't a carbo monster like me, so I would highly recommend that you share it if you don't particularly love waffles or if you can't take a lot of flour =P

Have a good Sunday! (:

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