Sunday, October 11

Rider's Cafe

Hello (:

We're currently in the thick of marking cos it's exam season so we're really busy! I really can't wait for all these to end though! Every year we go through the same, tedious cycle and every year we just keep pushing to the end just so we can take a marking hiatus for two months before it all begins again! Such is the rhythm of my life (:

Will just feature two photos taken recently when I took two kids out for a much-needed catch-up/ talk/ chat. What's a chat session without food right! (:

I think Riders is a pleasant place to go on a weekday afternoon because it's generally quiet and you don't have to strain your ears to hear what your friend/ companion has said. We also felt very comfortable in that setting and we could talk without abandon. Am looking forward to more glorious days like that (:

Till then, I shall mark on!

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