Sunday, November 1

The Fabulous Baker Boy

Hello (:

School has officially ended for the kids but there are still a lot of things that we have to do such as writing testimonials, meeting students to settle end-of-year activities, going for meetings to plan ahead for next year, chaperoning students for school trips and of course, curriculum writing! It's a different kind of busy-ness and craziness but I'll take all these in my stride and push towards the finish line, where I can fully dissociate myself from school and take a much needed break from work.

In the mean time, there's always good food and great company to keep me going! (: We decided to go to The Fabulous Baker Boy to try their desserts and true to the many reviews that we have read, their desserts were great! Their tarts were exceptional and their carrot cake had an added oomph because of the coconut flakes. In all, we thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon at TFBB.

Would definitely go back for more yummy desserts! (: Happy Sunday! (:

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