Thursday, December 31

Jamie's Italian (Forum)

Hello! (:

It's the last day of 2015! I've been having the most amazing time just being at home most of the day and going out for a short stretch of a few hours just taking in fresh air and stretching my legs (: We have been trying diff routes on the new DTL these few days as our post-dinner activity, and I must say that the DTL really brings a lot of convenience!

To celebrate the end of a very busy but good year with a good friend, we went to Jamie's for a meal. We have heard many bad reviews about Jamie's but I think our experience was pretty good. True, the food's not fantastic but it isn't bad either! Above-average quality food and good service, I think that's acceptable (: Here're some pics of our food:

Enjoy the countdown tonight! See you on the other side! (:

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