Saturday, January 23


Hello (:

This week has been a super busy one and I'm thankful that the weekend is here! (: Truth be told, my timetable is more packed than usual this year so I don't really get much rest in school but it's been okay cos the kids under my charge are very pleasant and they make things alright when we're together (: I am also very grateful and thankful for understanding family members, who willingly acceded to my request to dine at a place that serves dessert cos I just wanted to have something sweet to eat after a long day at school. So to our favourite hangout we went, and what a scrumptious meal we had! (: I will highly recommend Chili's to anyone who wants a big, hearty, slightly above average Tex-Mex meal! It never fails us (or at least the branch that we frequent regularly does not)! (:

Have a happy weekend! (:

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