Saturday, July 9


Hello (:

Today seems like a pretty slow day cos we spent half the day in school, a couple of hours lunching with a very good friend, a few hours napping (yes I know my naps are super long but hey in my defence, they make up for the lack of rest I get at night cos I dream way too much), an couple of hours surfing and doing household chores and suddenly, the day's almost over!

Although we'll probably have to start the cycle of prepping for school again tmr, I think today's break in our usual weekend cycle is somewhat refreshing. And of course, good food and good company is always welcomed!

We ended up at Rubato cos we opted to go some place nearby for lunch, and I must say that the food's pretty darn good! (: The risotto that I'd was creamy, rich and very filling! I also loved their affogato (which I didn't take a photo of)! I like that Rubato provides a conducive and chill environment for us to chit chat and just hide from the scorching heat!

Will probably revisit this place again in the near future! Have a great weekend! (:

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