Saturday, July 2

Pacamara (again!)

Hello (:

The first week of school went by relatively painlessly despite having many late days so I am pretty grateful (: I think that not giving the kids lots of holiday hwk allows them to rest and feel more recharged after they come back, which is great for all! (: So I hope that schools will continue to manage the amt of holiday work that the kids are given as well as the activities that they have to be involved in so that they can get the rest that they need.

Anyhow, we finally had the chance to visit Pacamara while they were still serving their breakfast menu and I couldn't have been more thrilled! (: This means that I could finally try their much-talked about French Toast!

Personally I thought the French Toast was good but it wasn't spectacular! Maybe it's cos I didn't really like having so much apple compote and I prefer maple syrup with my french toast, but I liked that they were so generous with the fruits! All in all it was a good meal and I look forward to trying more breakfast items in the near future! (:

Happy weekend, everyone! (:

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