Thursday, April 13

The Populus

Hello (:

It's been too long since I last updated this space simply cos I've been waay too busy! So much so that sometimes all I wanna do after work is to eat a big, decadent pancake, which I did one night at The Populus. I'm not kidding when I said I managed to eat the ENTIRE pancake on my own =P I feel super good when I eat such a pancake cos 1) it tastes nice 2) I feel like I deserve it 3) I need to stop the hunger pangs but I sometimes regret a teensy bit after because I get too full! Hahaha

Shall hang in there for 2 more months before the next breather (: For now, we shall cherish the little breaks in between the madness and eat more food to stay happy and sane (:

Happy long weekend! (:

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