Thursday, May 13

Cafe Beviamo Again

I like snacking when I'm hungry. As I grow older, I realise that people do take time out once in a while to have tea in the afternoons. I've never been accustomed to having tea breaks in the afternoon and I seldom go for high tea (buffets) but I must admit that this culture is slowly growing on me.

If you're in town and you feel like having a drink or a nibble, you can always pop by Cafe Beviamo at Tanglin or Paragon to have a cup of warm beverage or a slice of cake. Quality of food,and service at both outlets are top notch so you needn't worry about whether your splendid afternoon will be ruined by unwelcomed disturbances.

Hot chocolate is always a favourite and I like how this glass of organic hot chocolate definitely sits well with everyone, including those who can't take dairy products!

Alternatively, if you like the taste of chai and would like something a little stronger than hot chocolate, you can have the chai tea latte, which was extremely yummy to me (:

And of course, no tea breaks can go without real FOOD so we ordered a slice of carrot cake to go along with our drinks! The cream cheese topping with carrot shreds really made this slice of cake mouthwateringly good and we are convinced that we will return for tea sessions (:

Perhaps the best thing about Beviamo is that it somehow manages to balance quality and price (there is no service charge!) such that we get good food at decent prices. What more can a diner ask for?


  1. Regine NJC JH107May 13, 2010 at 6:18 PM

    teacher what you eat is so expensive next time go kopitiam eat lah. And remember to come back!!! We are die a PAINFUL DEATH when dr Lim teaches, Dr Lim also insulted you indirectly and everyone is so pissed off... PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ come back, life is so boring now... I am going to flunk LA with Dr Lim around. In her lesson I very sian. In your lesson I got pay MORE attention...

  2. Hello Regine! (:

    I eat at coffeeshops/ kopitiams too just that I don't usually bring the camera there because it's quite inconvenient! Heh.

    Anyway, I'm sure Dr Lim is justified in saying whatever she said so don't get too agitated! See you around!