Monday, May 24

Wild Honey

Hello! (:

It has been unusually sunny the past few days, which is as well because it's the last week of school for the younger students in Singapore! (: To make their last week of school even better, they're having a four-day week because Friday's a public holiday (Vesak Day), which means that they get to have an extra day of holiday! (: Wheee. One of my sisters is finally coming back from Hong Kong after being there for five months so the limmies will DEFINITELY be spending a lot of time together from this weekend onwards! (:

If I had to choose one brunch/ lunch place to bring all limmies to this June holidays, I would bring them to Wild Honey! Although it isn't the cheapest of places, I feel that it has a good range of breakfasty dishes so my fussy siblings have a higher chance of choosing something that they want to eat.
Wild Honey works on a first-come-first-serve basis and no reservations are allowed! It is an extremely popular brunch/ lunch/ meet up place during weekends so don't be too surprised/ shocked if the lady taking down your name and number tells you that you have to wait for approximately 1.5hours for a table for two! That's what happened to us during our first visit to Wild Honey but because we didn't want to wait for 1.5hours, we gave it a miss and went back another day. Thankfully, we only had to wait 25minutes for a table during our second visit so we waited patiently just so that we could try their famous breakfast dishes! (:

Their entire menu is written on the chalk boards surrounding the cashier/ ordering counter. The breakfast dishes are classified according to countries/ cuisine-type so you'll see things like American breakfast, English breakfast, Mediterranean breakfast etc. On top of that, Wild Honey serves an extensive range of drinks (from non-alcoholic to alcoholic) so you will definitely be spoilt for choice!

Jeffrey and I decided to have a cup of hot chocolate ($5) each. It had sufficient cocoa powder which was good because I don't like my drinks to taste too milky.

Unlike me, Jeffrey made his decision rather quickly. He went for the English breakfast ($22) and boy was it a good choice! When I saw his food arrive, I almost wished I had chosen the same breakfast dish too! On his clean white plate lay two thick slices of toast, huge baked beans, sausages, bacon, half a tomato, sauteed potatoes and scrambled eggs! I absolutely LOVE breakfast and seeing all these typical breakfasty food just makes me go green! I picked some bits of his food because I couldn't resist it! If you are a breakfast lover and if you can stomach a rather large portion of food, you really should get the English breakfast set because it'll make you a very happy person after you've ingested the entire dish!

After much pondering, I decided to go for the California breakfast ($18), which consists of scrambled eggs with greens on two thick slices of toast. I know this dish doesn't look like much, especially after comparing it with Jeffrey's marvellous English breakfast, but it will suffice. Don't get me wrong, my california breakfast didn't taste bad at all, it just wasn't as tasty as Jeffrey's (at least to me) because I prefer more flavourful food. The eggs were more watery than I'd expected them to be but the cubes of green and red peppers as well as the green vegetables gave the eggs a more wholesome taste. The thick slices of bread held the dish together very nicely because they made perfect company for the eggs.

Last but not least, we ordered a petite chocolate tart ($4) to share because we were under the impression that the tart would be slightly larger than this. On hindsight sharing this tart isn't such a bad idea because the chocolate ganache was very rich and thick! It's definitely not something that non-chocolate lovers will want to trifle with.

In short, Wild Honey serves quality breakfast food that makes you want to go back for more! At present, I'm already thinking of the next breakfast dish that I want to try when I get to Wild Honey again. Perhaps it'll be a better idea to visit Wild Honey during the weekdays because it gets crazily crowded during the weekends. However, if you must visit this popular joint during the weekend, please try to arrive before noon so as to minimize your waiting time.

Have a great sunshiney week ahead everyone! (:

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