Monday, May 10

Paradise Inn

My brother has been requesting for Japanese food almost every week during our family outing so I was more than thankful when GT decided that we go to Paradise Inn for a change. We went to the outlet at West Coast Plaza because it is nearest to our place.

As you can see from the photo above, Paradise Inn is packed! We had to wait for half an hour for a table at this popular Chinese restaurant. I've been there once before with friends during lunch time on a weekday so it wasn't as packed as this. I think we should make a reservation if we decide to dine here again.

One thing I like about Paradise Inn is its priority in making their place/ dishes presentable. Everything from the interior decoration to the cutlery to the way the dishes are presented is aesthetically pleasing (: I thought their matchy-matchy cutlery set looks very Chinese, especially because of the colour!

While waiting for our food to arrive, we were served these big, soft and fragrant peanuts ($1.50)! There are few Chinese restaurants (or at least those that I've been to) that serve peanuts like that! I really like these 'steamed' peanuts and I happily finished the entire dish of peanuts. Ha!

Because of the crowd, our food took pretty long (about 25minutes) to arrive. However, we were more than placated at the end of the meal because the food served at Paradise Inn is certainly of high quality.

The first dish that came was pork belly with lotus bun (aka 'kong ba bao') ($8.80). My parents commented that this dish isn't comparable to Westlake's but it's still of passable standard. The portion isn't very big so it's a good starter for a meal.

Imperial Pork Ribs ($15). This was slightly above average. I suspect it may be nicer if it were glazed with honey on the outside.

Fried cod fish with beancurd skin ($18). I guess the the fried skin was suppose to bring out the tenderness of the cod fish but I don't think the two went very well with each other. I would have preferred something less fried or cod fish that is covered in a more interesting batter. Nevertheless, the freshness of the fish shone through its fried layers and that was enough for me.

I came to know Paradise Inn through this dish - prawns with salted egg ($24) - because my friend raved and eventually placed an order for this during my first visit. The cook definitely doesn't scrimp on the salted egg coating and the prawns are fresh and juicy. I think everyone who dines here should try this dish.

Mini Wok Tofu ($15). Interesting addition of pork floss topping to the two slices of beancurd that was half-submerged in gravy that has little bits of seafood swimming in it. This dish was a hit because most of us are tofu lovers (: I thought the pork floss boosted the overall taste of the dish in a subtle but noticeable way.

Baby kailan with oyster sauce ($12). This dish was extremely well done! I love well-cooked baby kailans! If you dislike vegetables or if you only want to order one vegetable dish.. this HAS to be the one!

Alternatively, if you are more adventurous and would like something a little more mash-up-ish, you can order Chinese spinach with egg trio ($21). Essentially, it's Chinese spinach cooked with normal eggs, century eggs, salted eggs and some minced meat if I'm not wrong. I think this dish packs a punch and it will definitely sit well with those who like vegetables and eggs with some light gravy. Should give this a try if you can!

I hate to say this but I was too stuffed for dessert after we finished all the food on the table! =( I dislike skipping dessert! Thankfully, GT ordered stewed egg custard (not photographed) ($2.80), which she claims is very nice and we shared it! Now that I know how stewed egg custard tastes like, I'll probably never order it again in my life unless I'm having some strange craving for it. It tastes like sweet chawanmushi and I didn't like it very much. Perhaps I'll grow to like it if I give myself the chance to continue trying it in future.

I think Paradise Inn is a great place for family and friends to gather and enjoy Chinese food of prime quality. I hope to revisit this place again soon!

Alright that's all for now. Have a great week ahead everyone! (:

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  1. Regine Chan JH107 NJCMay 13, 2010 at 6:16 PM

    teacher what you eat is so expensive next time go kopitiam eat lah. And remember to come back!!! We are die a PAINFUL DEATH when dr Lim teaches, Dr Lim also insulted you indirectly and everyone is so pissed off... PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ come back, life is so boring now... I am going to flunk LA with Dr Lim around. In her lesson I very sian. In your lesson I got pay MORE attention...