Friday, January 14


Hello! (:

It's finally time to take a short little breather from work and rest for the night! The first week back at school was definitely not a walk in the park; in fact, it was everything that I expected it to be - rushed, packed & busy - and more. I didn't expect to stay till quite late every day of the week so the days felt longer than usual.

Earlier this evening, I joined a number of my colleagues for a rare (or at least it's rare to me at this point in time) dinner in school. It was pretty fun listening to them talk and eating with them =) I realise I prefer listening to people talk when I'm in large groups because I get to learn more things/ hear others' perspectives. Also, I was glad that we'd a feast made up of unhealthy local food that one kind colleague specially drove out to get for us instead of having the usual takeaway pizza.

Speaking of pizzas, I finally made a trip to the famous Picotin not too long ago! I went with some members of my family and we had quite a good meal there!
Picotin was relatively crowded on the night that we went but there were still empty seats, which from a patron's point of view is good because it means that we won't have to wait too long for our food to arrive!

We were served a basket of mixed bread slices while waiting for our food to arrive. I actually like that they served us black bread because we hardly see it around. The black bread tasted pretty normal despite its dubious appearance.

For starters, we ordered a plate of chicken caesar salad ($22) to share. For $22, I felt that the portion was a little too small but since we knew that there were more substantial dishes to be served, we weren't too upset about the portion size. The salad tasted pretty normal and there was nothing spectacular about it.

One of us ordered cabonara spaghetti ($20), which was average - the sauce was pretty thin and there wasn't much body in the dish. I guess they could have added slightly more cream to the sauce to give it a fuller flavour.

The vongole ($20) on the other hand was very well done. The sauce was kept light and the little clams were fresh - it was an excellent pre-pizza dish because it helped to whet the appetite but not keep one too full.

The highlight of our meal: a 21" 'hawaiian' and chicken pizza ($48). I'm terribly sorry I forgot the names of the flavours that we ordered but the pizza was pretty good! I realise that many pizzerias prefer serving thin-crust pizzas these days but some taste slightly better than others. Picotin's was slightly similar to Modestos in terms of thinness but I felt that Picotin's was slightly more biscuit-y. Surprisingly, we managed to finish most of it! I would highly recommend ordering this if you're dining with a group of four because the portion would be just right (: Alternatively, you can explore other options such as looking at their 'specials' board and order something from there.

Last but not least, we decided to order a chocolate fondant ($14) which was slightly below average. The lava wasn't flowy and the outer casing was slightly hard =S I guess it's safer to go with their icecream, which my brother had and enjoyed (:

I think all of us enjoyed our time there but I think I'll try to request for indoor seating in future if possible because it got slightly warm towards the end of the meal. If you ever feel like stuffing your face with pizza at a relatively affordable price, you can always drop by Picotin for a meal! You can go for a stroll at Turf City after the meal to help your food digest better (:

Okay that's all for today. Have a good and restful weekend!

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