Wednesday, January 19

Le Bon Marche

Hello everyone (:

Life's been pretty busy of late and I suspect it's going to get even busier from now on! As such, I apologise if I don't update this space as often but I promise I'll make an effort to keep this blog alive!

As most of you know, Au Petit Salut is one of my favourite French restuarants (maybe it's because I haven't been to many French restaurants in the first place) and I highly recommend their value-for-money set meals! Not too long ago, I found a French restaurant that's situated not too far from where I live and decided to give it a go! (:

Le Bon Marche is located opposite Singapore Chinese Girls' School and is pretty accessible by public transport. I first noticed this restaurant when I was travelling home last year and since then, had very much wanted to visit this place.

The interior of Le Bon Marche is much larger than it looks from the outside. Compared to Au Petit Salut, Le Bon Marche exudes a much homelier feel and it is definitely a place you can go to for casual dining, which is exactly what Jeffrey and I did! (:

Complimentary warm mini-baughette with olive oil and butter (not in picture). The mini-baughettes were crispy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside - it was the perfect teaser for what was going to be a fantastically gastronomical meal!

We ordered a caesar salad ($15) for starters. I know it's not exactly the most French of starters to order but we didn't want to have anything too Frenchy and were in the mood for some veggie so that's why we went with this. The caesar dressing tasted very unique! It was not as creamy as the usual caesar sauces and it had a little twang to it.

Because we were feeling a tad greedy that day, we decided to order a huge bowl of truffle french fries ($10). I'm not too sure about you but I love salty fries! =) There was only a hint of truffle but the fries were crisp, warm, salty and YUMMY! I loved them so much that I ate 3/4 of the batch, leaving poor Jeffrey with only 1/4 to eat! If you like fries, please order this! You won't regret it!

For my mains, I ordered mushroom risotto with something which I forgot ($23), sorry! It was one of the heartiest risottos that I've eaten because not only is the risotto stock flavourful, the portion was big enough to fill my gigantic tummy! =P The best part is that the risotto grains didn't get too soggy near the end of my meal so there was hardly any pressure to eat it fast.
Jeffrey decided to go for the croque madame ($13), which is essentially toasted bread with ham and egg. When his croque madame first arrived, I immediately thought of Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge's open-faced sandwiches! Perhaps the main difference between the two types of sandwiches is that this croque madame is warm and the bread was extremely well-baked! It makes a good light meal!

Even though we were near bursting point, we couldn't help but order one dessert to share! After asking the waitress for her opinion on what's good to have, we decided to go for hot souffle with grand marnier ($15). Frankly, I'm not a big fan of souffles because I feel that they're just air that's trapped with a thin layer of flavoured poofy fluff! This souffle was slightly more interesting than the usual because it had a little 'jug' of alcohol accompanying it. If you were to pour the contents of the jug into/ onto the souffle, you'll get bitter-sweet souffle! Personally, I think souffles are not for me and I should not order this again in future no matter how good they are because they just don't satisfy me! I'll stick to having desserts with more body. Heh.

Alright that's all for now (: Will get back to work! Hope all of you will have a good week ahead!

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