Friday, January 7

Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge

Hello! (:

The fact that a brand new academic year has begun is quickly sinking in! Right now I feel slightly overwhelmed by the barrage of information that has been communicated to me over the past few days. It was great seeing everyone back in school again =) I won't deny that I'm feeling slightly apprehensive about how this year will turn out but I know that I'll be okay once I find my footing so all I've to do is to take a deep breath and plunge right into the heart of things.

One good thing about attending long meetings/ seminars/ courses/ training sessions in school is that our welfare is always well-taken care of: not only is lunch provided, there're often two tea breaks (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). While the quality of food varies from day to day (and sometimes within a day itself), it's pretty heartwarming to know that a certain wonderful group of people has taken steps to make sure that we'll not go hungry and that we can count on the next break to silence our growling tummies or to fulfil our desire to munch on a little something.

Since I'm on the topic of having tea breaks, I'd like to introduce Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge to you! Not too long ago, Jeffrey and I went there for a late lunch cum high tea and we were pretty pleased with the food we tried as well as the service that we received. Despite the restaurant being pretty packed, the staff still served us with politeness and smiles and they did their best to serve customers their orders quickly.

As we were feeling ravenous, we placed an order for their signature beef open-face sandwich ($16.90), which was of average standard. The egg on top of the patty was, in Jeffrey's opinion, the best thing about the sandwich so if you aren't too hungry, please do not get this particular sandwich!
In contrast, we would highly recommend ordering the high tea set! We went for the more expensive high tea set ($38.90) because we/ I wanted TWO cakes instead of one! Each high tea set comes with 2 quiches, 2 mini open-face sandwiches, 2 scones and 2 slices of cake.

The quiche-of-the-day was turkey and spinach quiche which I didn't want to eat so the very kind waitress allowed me to trade one quiche for a slice of cake! =P I was over the moon when she told me that I could do this trade because I was having such a difficult time choosing two cakes out of the many delicious looking cakes that were on display! It was a gift to be able to choose one more! The quiche was pretty good according to Jeffrey so it's a pretty 'safe' option.
For once, I was thankful for the presence of these two open-face sandwiches: tuna sandwich and fresh shrimp sandwich because they provided an excellent complement to the overpowering sweetness from the three slices of cake (seen below). The sandwiches were fresh and they have a 'light' quality that makes them perfect for an afternoon snack.

Another delight which I enjoyed pretty much that day was the scones. There was a plain scone and a raison scone if I don't remember wrongly. Although they weren't as buttery or as well-baked as the scones that I'd at Rose Veranda, these scones were certainly not bad! I love having my scones with lots of jam and that's how I ate mine that day!

Last but not least, this a shot of our three cakes resting on a small, overcrowded plate. I ordered a slice of their famous chocolate cake, a slice of orange cake as well as a slice of cheesecake! I must say that the chocolate cake was extremely dense so unless you are prepared for a chocolatey finish, try not to order two chocolate cakes because this one is enough to satisfy your chocolate craving. The cheesecake was just okay but I liked the orange cake quite a bit! I realise that the cakes served at Royal Copenhagen are pretty dense so you'll probably feel quite full after indulging in your tea set!
Oh and just in case you were wondering where the drinks were, we kind of forgot to take a photograph of our tea cups and tea pot! We'd a pot of warm English Breakfast to share
and it certainly helped to wash down our food!
Unfortunately, we were told that Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge is going to be closed really soon so I don't think we've the opportunity to go back for more high teas! Well at least I can console myself that I've been to this nice little restaurant ONCE before it closed! Will keep looking out for more (high) tea places to visit!
Okay it's time for bed. Have a good weekend everyone! =)


  1. Hello~

    Royal Copenhagen will be ceasing this month end on 31st January 2011. Be sure to head there if you want again before it closes! XD

  2. Hello! (:

    Thanks for informing me! I doubt I'll be going down tomorrow because I've to be in school till late but thanks again anyway! =D