Monday, June 20

Mabuhay Boracay! (:

Hello everyone!

I'm back from the glorious island of Boracay (pronounced Bo-ra-kai) where I was a contented inhabitant for 10 (!) nights! Most people we know only stay for 3-4 days so I think we kind of out-stayed ourselves there!

You would think that the weather'll be balmy and sunny at this time of the year, as I happily presumed before the trip, but you would be as wrong as me! It rained 7 out of 11 days we were there! Haha I really pity those people who travelled to that island to have their holiday plans rained upon! =( That would be terrible.

In some sense, the rainy/ stormy days were good for me because my main objective of getting away was to catch up on sleep and REST, which didn't sit quite well with most people because people tend to HAVE to do something (i.e. sightseeting/ explore the island etc.) when they are on holiday. Well those people must be appalled to know that I spend most of my time in holed up in my hotel room and that the TWO places that I visit daily are Vintana (more on that in my next post when Jeffrey's done with the photos) and the gym/ entertainment centre (where I play my two favourite games airhockey and arcade-style basketball). The rest of the time will be spent lounging in my airconditioned room in front of my laptop (only because I'm chatting with friends, blogsurfing and doing other random websurfing) and the television. We actually watched quite a few dvds and we watched many (bad and old) movies that were being screened on cable tv! You know I actually didn't realise how unaccustomed I am to being in a non-airconditioned room till last night when I'd to unpack and I kept wondering to myself, why is it SO warm?

On the whole, it was a good trip (: I am thankful that Jeffrey's quite fine with my lazy trip and that he plesantly indulged in all my fancies (or rather, non-fancies since I wanted to do NOTHING, not even going to the mall!). Frankly it is the first time that we're taking a non-sightseeing holiday and I'm pretty glad that it turned out well for us (: Apart from the perpetual delay of flights to and fro Boracay, I think Boracay's a heavenly respite for the tired body and restless mind. I will definitely revisit this beautiful island.

Alright I apologise that this entry is not about food but rather it's more like my feeble attempt to make up for the lack of blogposts on this blog as well as to let you all know that there WILL be upcoming posts so keep a lookout for that!

It's the last week of school hols (boo!) and there are lots of things to prepare for but I will try to balance everything out because there're exciting things (i.e. my sister's 21st birthday this Wednesday) to look forward to! (: (: (: Hope that all of you who are having school hols/ summer vacation are enjoying yourselves as well!

Okay I'll update again when I get the photos from Jeffrey. Have a great week ahead everyone! (:

P.S. Thank you Jade for helping me change my blogskin. I like the new layout very much! (:

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