Monday, June 6


Hello everyone! (:

The hols are FINALLY here and I'm going to take a two week break to recharge and rejuvenate so I will be taking a blogging hiatus from this Thursday to the following Sunday because I'll be out of the country! =) Hopefully I'll return feeling more refreshed and ready to take on the second half of the year!

To kick start my many meet-ups this week, I met my bestest buddy Jo, who just came back from her one-month holiday in Europe, for high tea at Axis! I particularly like the ambience at Axis because it's quiet and comfortable and we could just chat at leisure (:

Jo specially picked Axis because it serves non-buffet traditional English high-tea which we both love! =) The high tea set costs $52++ for two people! (:

Photo of our hightea set: three-tiered high tea fingerfood, some fried pastries at the side and two pots of tea!

Here are some close-up shots of the food that we had:

Three little dishes with clotted cream, blackberry jam and orange jam for our scones and two quiches and two mushroom pastries in the bowl on the right. I used to not like having clotted cream with my scones but I think I'm slowly starting to appreciate having some of it with jam on scones =)

The sweet tier (from left to right in clockwise direction): pastry with light custard (I liked this!), chocolate tart (the chocolate was thick!), fruit tart, raspberry on bananacake-taste-alike, pandan macaroon (surprisingly good!), some chocolate stick and the portugese-egg-tart-lookalike which did NOT taste like an eggtart and I'm still wondering what it is. Thankfully, most things tasted pretty good here so I'd no complaints!

The second tier (from left in a clockwise direction): scones (yummy!), fruit cake, a tiny chocolate eclair, some creme brulee (yummy!) and cheesecake with a raspberry sitting atop (not too bad).

The third tier (aka savoury/ sandwich tier) (from left to right in clockwise direction): tuna/ sardine in bao-skin (interesting), smoked salmon in mini croissant, egg mayo sandwich, cucumber sandwich, ham (?) sandwich and ham&cheese sandwich sitting right in the middle! I actually thought that the sandwiches were more than decent and they complemented the sweet bits very well. I found myself alternating between the sweet and savoury food, which I think is the usual way I handle buffets.

Last but not least, the tea pot, tea leaves strainer and tea cup! I think I only got introduced to the tea strainer pretty late in life because I usually opt for iced tea and so I never really got to use the strainer till a few years ago! It's not really a big issue but sometimes I do wonder what I'm missing out because of the (food) choices that I make.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Axis and I would highly recommend this place if you want to have an undisturbed meet-up with your friends or loved ones. The best part is that you won't have to keep getting up for more food because it's non-buffet so all the food that you can possibly have is already on your table! The downside of course is that the food will not be sufficient if you are ravenous but I guess you can always order another set if you want!

Alright that's all for now (: Have a great week ahead everyone!

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  1. I really like the high tea set! It's like one of those toy cooking sets that we had when we were little! (: