Thursday, September 29

Lawry's The Prime Rib

Hello everyone!

It's a hot and hazy day and I can't really focus in the afternoons so I figured I might as well blog about my recent (and first!) trip to Lawry's (:

I've always wanted to visit Lawry's even though I can't eat their prime ribs because I heard that their seafood dishes and side dishes are not bad too! In any case it's a good place to go to because Jeffrey can have a nice slab of well-cooked meat to try to fatten up a little (he's lost a lot of weight from being ill for 2weeks last month!).

The warm and extravagant interior of Lawry's. I don't feel comfortable at posh places and Lawry's was pushing it a little because I felt that the reception we got was slightly cold but I guess it got better after we settled in.

Two kinds of warm bread with salted butter.

Their famous "spinning bowl" salad. How it is prepared is that a very skillful waitress will push a cart and park next to your table and she'll start by pouring all the ingredients and sauce into the big bowl, then she will spin the bowl and start tossing the salad while the bowl is kept spinning! (: Quite an ingenious way to mix salad! (: The salad tasted pretty average (:

This is the special Lawry's seasoned pepper that the waitress will encourage you to add to your salad to make it taste slightly better! Since I love pepper, I did as suggested and true enough, the salad tasted a tad less average (:

 The two kinds of sauce for Jeffrey's main dish!

Okay so how this works is that a little silver cart will be pushed next to your table. The waiter/ waitress will ask you how you like your meat to be done and they'll cut a slab of meat for you ON THE SPOT! (: Cool!

Somehow the waitress/ waiter will manage to get your beef done the way you want it to and slice a portion off this bigger chunk for you.

This is Jeffrey's "The Lawry's Cut" which is supposedly their most popular cut! Jeffrey said that it was one of the best pieces of meat that he's tasted because it's so tender and the sauce went perfectly with the meat! Coming from a person who dislikes sauce with his meat, I think the sauce must really have complemented the meat well! He had mashed potato and yorkshire pudding as side dishes as well. These three items and the salad come as a 'set' and it costs $83.

 Extra yorkshire pudding for me! (: It actually tastes like light, french toast.

My main dish was the Cajun Fish & Chips ($31) which was much better than I'd expected! The batter didn't taste oily and the fish was fresh and juicy! I loved the fries as well because they were thick and not over-fried but I wish they were more heavily salted though. Definitely a good alternative for those who don't want to eat beef!

To me, this was the highlight of the meal - watching the preparation and serving of Lawry's Crepe Suzette ($29). Again, one or two of the restaurant staff will push a cart next to your table and prepare this orange-lemon crepe with banana slices and vanilla icecream in front of you! I don't mean to oversimplify this very elaborate process but it's essentially a more complex rendition of how the staff put together an apple crumble at your table if you order it at Swensens! Yups it's interesting to watch and most importantly, the crepe tastes good so please order it when you visit Lawry's! (:

If I'm not wrong, there may be an ongoing 1-for-1 lunch promotion on weekdays so people who wish to indulge in very good beef, please don't hesitate to try Lawry's during lunch hours on weekdays! You'll not regret it! (:

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