Saturday, November 26

Seah Street Deli

Hello everyone (:

Apologies for not updating this space as much as I wish to. We've been surprisingly busy tying up things in school and thus haven't had the chance to explore many new places but we are trying! (: Hopefully having a little more time away from school translates into more time for us to try food at new places... we'll see how things go (:

If there's one place I must recommend before the month of November ends, it's Seah Street Deli!

Seah Street Deli is one of the casual restaurants located at the basement of Raffles Hotel (:

The atmosphere is relaxed and there really is no need to dress up when you dine at Seah Street Deli! What I love most about this place is that the staff are very friendly and you feel that you are being well taken care of throughout your meal.

Seah Street Deli claims to serve authentic New York food and it sure lives up to what it says it will do! Their menu reminded me a little of Barracks except that this menu is printed on slightly harder cardboard paper and doesn't have that many pages. Nevertheless, the range of food is more than sufficient and if you are a lover of Western/ New York food, you'll be spoilt for choice!

I'll start by introducing to you the single most important thing you MUST try at Seah Street Deli - their (milk) shakes! (: This is a photo of their Malt Shake ($10) and I have to honestly say that it is possibly the best shake I've tasted! (This is as good as or even better than Once Upon a Milkshake!) I know you must be thinking that $10 is an awfully lot of money to pay for milkshake but trust me, once you have tried it, you'll agree that the quality justifies the price. I'd love to go back to try more of their milkshakes!

Jeffrey ordered the Lincoln Tunnel ($32), which is actually a beef burger/ sandwich with fries. You get to choose how well you want your beef patty to be cooked and Jeffrey's was cooked exactly the way he wanted to he was very happy to have it (: I loved his fries which were neither too salty nor oily! I am starting to think that one cannot go very wrong with 'house dishes' or 'recommended dishes'.. will continue to test my little theory.

Since I am not a fan of meat, I decided to go for the Grilled salmon with vegetables and potato wedges ($32). I wanted to try the Fish & Chips but was afraid that there would be too much chips on the table so I chose the salmon instead. It was one of the most well-marinated slab of salmon I've ever eaten and the meat was pink and tender. The sauce that came with it wasn't overpowering and I thought they were extremely generous with the vegetables! Was pleased with my dish on the whole! (:

We were too stuffed from eating these huge dishes so we didn't order any desserts but we'll definitely do so the next time we visit Seah Street Deli! (: Do drop by if you're around the area! If you wish to get a milkshake to go, you can always go to the little shop outside Seah Street Deli to order your takeaway drink! How convenient! (: I'll definitely be back soon! (:

Alright that's all for now, hope that all of you are doing well and that you'll have a great weekend!

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