Saturday, November 5

Pariss Buffet & Banquet Restaurant

Hello everyone!

School's officially out for most kids in my school so this weekend marks the beginning of the school hols for many of them (: I really do hope that they'll take some time to REST and not just busy themselves with school-related things the entire holiday because they really need to rejuvenate before the new academic year begins.

We'd our annual staff dinner yesterday and I'm pretty glad that there was sufficient food to go around this year! =) The catered food that we'd was surprisingly decent and the desserts weren't too bad as well (: I think everyone had their fair share of food yesterday and we left the airport hotel feeling quite happy.

If you're hunting for free-flow, relatively decent quality food at an affordable price, I would suggest going to Pariss at Marina Square. Okay frankly I would only place Pariss above Sakura (which, by the way, is one restaurant that I'm sure I'll NEVER return to) but if you are hungry and don't mind having decent fare, then Pariss is the place to go for instant food.

Adult weekend buffet lunch costs $33.80++/pax, which I think isn't too expensive considering there is freeflow food AND DRINKS. Most buffet places that I go to do not serve free flow soft drinks and juices so I thought this was quite a nice touch (: I had countless rounds of mountain dew (they didn't have sprite) and I loved its fizziness.

Alright here are some photos of dishes that you can get off the display counters:

One thing about the dishes served at Pariss is that they tend to be overly-flavoured which means that people who prefer their food to taste a little more refined may actually detest eating the dishes served at Pariss. Personally, I did feel that there were some dishes that were too overdone, which was a pity, but the rest were generally okay.

Oh if you're a fan of curry crab, please be prepared to hover about the curry crab area because the crabs always vanish so quickly! All Jeffrey and I wanted was to try a little bit of crab but we didn't get a chance to see even a tiny crab leg because they've been taken by other more eager diners. In the end we just settled for a fried man tou without the curry crab sauce because even that was scooped up by others.

Apart from getting food off the counters, you can also order from their ala-carte menu. I would say that these dishes taste pretty similar to those on display so there really isn't much discrepancy between quality so it doesn't really make a differnece if you take from the counter or order from the menu - it's only a matter of choice and preference for certain dishes. Some dishes that you can order off their menu are:

On the whole, this re-visit to Pariss was quite a disappointment because it made me realise that my memory of this place as being quite a recommendable place has changed. I think this may be because my tastebuds have changed, the quality of food has suffered or perhaps it's because my previous visit (4 years ago) was marked by a special occassion. Whatever it is, I don't think I'll be going back to Pariss any time soon but I still think it's not too bad a choice for non-fussy eaters (:

Alright that's all for now.. have a great long weekend! (:

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