Saturday, December 3

Tea Lounge

Hello everyone! (:

Festive December is here and I can't help but be affected by the joyous celebratory atmosphere all around (: I think the many social gatherings and meet-ups definitely accentuate this feeling of indulgence that I have been guilty of experiencing (possibly a tad too much) over the past few weeks! I suspect that life in December will probably continue to be like this - decadent, (recklessly) carefree and jolly (: I think such hedonism is pardonable (and to be welcomed!) if it means refuelling our batteries and getting our spirits ready for yet another new year ahead (: Afterall, this kind of life won't last forever even if we wish for it to be so! So let's enjoy this merry season and whatever it brings while it lasts!

To usher in the month of December, I went to Tea Lounge at The Regent's with Jo and Jeffrey to celebrate Jo's birthday in advance! (: Jo and I had previously been to The Tea Lounge for their weekday tea and we were blown away by the food and service so we told ourselves that we would definitely be back. This time, we decided to have their weekend tea ($48++/pax) by way of celebrating Jo's turning a year older and we were happy that our stellar impression of the restaurant still hasn't changed (:

Lots of silverware and English tea cups and hankerchiefs! (: I think Tea Lounge is possibly the only restaurant that can rival Goodwood Park's L'espresso in terms of quality of English high tea food and experience. For those who love L'espresso, you've to try Tea Lounge too!

Here are some photos of the savoury food that we'd that day. I think we absolutely adored the appetizers/ side dishes corner because the dishes were so well done! The 'mains' were not to be put down as well because everything, and I really mean every single dish, was at least above average tasting or better! Feast your eyes on the savouries:

Please do NOT miss the jam station! We almost missed this but thankfully our sharp eyes caught sight of a girl standing at the jam station and we decided to check it out! Lovely jams to go with their scones or crackers!

For those with a sweet tooth like me, you'll love their dessert spread:

Don't forget to try their famous souffle (ours was espresso souffle because it was the flavour of the day). I'm not a souffle lover but I could tell that this was more palateable than others which I've had! (:

A cup of coffee (you can choose whichever type you want) to end our meal (:

The three of us left Tea Lounge feeling extremely contented (: I think I shall make it a point to go back to Tea Lounge every now and then, and especially when I need a relatively quiet place to catch up with friend(s). Alright that's all for today (: Have a great weekend everyone! (:


  1. Miss Limmy! How can you eat so much buffets and still stay so slim? :)

  2. Hello again (:

    I don't think I eat this much everyday so it helps! haha (: Oh and I exercise too so I guess that helps (: