Saturday, March 2

Au Petit Salut

Hello! (:

I've decided to post something here before the weekend cranks up its gear and it gets too late for me to spend time on this space again! :S

Not too long ago, we went to Au Petit Salut after not visiting this place for yonks and we were pleased that standards remain high and the food remains good (: We were even more pleased to find out that the new items on their menu were pretty palatable too! 

Our bottle of sparkling mineral water. Somehow I've never had this brand of water before and it tastes pretty different from the usual Perrier. Sometimes I make a mental note to vary my drinks order so that I'll not always end up with sprite, heh, but I really need something fizzy!

Anyhow, we went on a Saturday afternoon for lunch and we both had their $36++ 3-course lunch set. Basically this set comes with a starter, a main and a dessert and complimentary coffee/ tea, which is a pretty good deal if you consider the entire dining experience! (:

Complimentary bread basket. What I absolutely love about Au Petit Salut's complimentary basket is the warm bread rolls and the cold, hard butter! I actually only like butter when it is cold and hard so this combination was perfect for me.

For starters, we chose to have
a serving of soup of the day - this was pumpkin soup if my memory serves me well, which was very warm and hearty, I actually liked this a lot though it might be considered one of the least 'worth it' dishes -

and marrow! Marrow has gotta be one of the many things I've never tried nor will I venture to try in the near future. haha Matty said that it was pretty good though the marrow taste wasn't as strong as he had expected. If you want to have kickass marrow, Loola's at Esplanade does quite a good job of it so you can pop by to try! (:

For our mains, we had the
Fillet of snapper, prawn emulsion and sea weed tartare, which was surprisingly huge because there's only so much fish you can eat! I liked that the slab of fish fillet was well-cooked and most importantly, FRESH! There was no fishy smell or anything and it went well with seaweed on it (: Could have this again any time!

He ordered the steak with mash and I was quite surprised to see corn and lettuce piled on top of his steak when it arrived! heh. Au Petit Salut's steaks are usually of high quality and this was no exception (: The serving size was just nice and you won't feel to full finishing this entire dish on your own.

For desserts,
I chose to have the Choux buns filled with vanilla ice cream, drizzled with warm chocolate sauce, sliced almonds, which has almost become my staple dessert dish whenever I dine at Au/ Bistro Petit Salut! haha Somehow I always end up looking longingly at people's choux buns when I try to order a different dessert so I have learnt my lesson and am going to stick to ordering just this! (:

Being a huge fan of cheese, he went for the selection of matured French farm cheese served with walnut bread. To order this, we had to pay $6 more because it's a more 'premium' dish but it was worth every penny! The only gripe he had was that the bread slices were far too few; he ended up not having sufficient bread to eat the cheese with! Nevertheless it was great! He was clearly happy at the end of the meal (:

Finally, before we left, we had our coffee & tea and I think that's a pretty neat way of ending a nice, relaxing and belly-filling meal (:

I will definitely be back at Au Petit Salut again in the near future for the FOOD! I must say that the atmosphere verges on the slightly pretentious side for me but it hasn't crossed the line where I would feel uncomfortable so I'd still go back to this place in future! (:

Alright that is all. Have a great weekend everyone! (:

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