Friday, February 4

New Lucky Claypot Rice

Hello everyone! (:

How's your Chinese New Year coming along? Mine's filled with lotsa CNY goodies-munching! I think I'm the main reason why the goodies at home are depleting at an astonishing rate! Shall try not to overeat otherwise my poor throat may not be able to take it!

Apart from CNY goodies, I've also been having quite a lot of Chinese food (afterall, it's CNY right!). I think this Chinese food thing started since last week when my family decided to make a trip down to Clementi on one of those marathon-rainy-days to have one of the best claypot rice in Singapore! =) I've tried this claypot rice since I was young and to date, I can't find many that can beat this (though I must say that I don't eat a lot of claypot rice so my knowledge of it may be quite limited). New Lucky Claypot Rice is located at Block 328 Clementi Avenue 2 if I'm not wrong and because they serve quality claypot rice, reservations (especially on weekends) are highly recommended!

Speaking of reservations, please note that it doesn't necessarily mean that your food will arrive promptly at the time of your reservation because it's all subjected to the crowd that day. If they've a huge walk-in crowd or if they've many other reservations, then your food will still take a while to come, which was what happened to us that day. We were left staring at these two metal cups of sauces - one was filled with sweet black sauce, the other with oil - for quite a while before our drinks or other dishes came! For the uninitiated, the black sauce and oil are for flavouring the claypot rice (see below for 'instructions').

Thankfully, my mother decided to order some tze char dishes to complement our claypot rice and these dishes came much earlier than the claypot rice! I think my siblings are pretty famished that day so it's good that we'd these dishes to assuage our growling tummies. These tze char dishes may be ordered from the tze char stall at the same coffeeshop so it's very convenient (:

Sweet and sour sliced fish - which was absolutely well done! Fish slices were fresh, thick & succulent! (:

Hot plate tofu - pretty normal I would say.

Stir-fried kailan - average too.

After waiting for quite some time, our two pots of claypot rice finally arrived! (:

This is how the claypot rice looked like when it first arrived. I'm not too sure whether there's a standard/ correct way to eating claypot rice but here's how my family does it.

First, scrap all the condiments (chicken, chinese sausages, salted fish) off the top of the claypot rice and place them on a separate plate.

Secondly, scoop black sauce and oil out from the two metal cups and pour them onto the rice. You can be as generous with the sauces as you want - it really depends on how you would like your claypot rice to taste like. I won't suggest skipping either sauces because otherwise your rice won't taste as nice.
Third, mix the rice and the sauce together.

Mix it well and add additional sauce if necessary.

When your rice looks something like what is shown in the photo above, it's more or less ready for serving! (:

Scoop some hot and newly mixed claypot rice into your individual bowls and tuck in! (:

I think it's an excellent meal especially for people who are craving for something warm and filling on a cold, wet day! Each of us had about two bowls of rice and we felt very contented after that! Somehow claypot rice doesn't fill us up as quickly as normal rice.. either that or we were too hungry/ greedy that day!

Hope you'll get to try some claypot rice sometime in the near future and do let me know if there're other nice claypot rice places to go to!

Have a great 2nd day of the rabbit year! (:


  1. hey dear this is how my family does it too!! :) (Referring to the pre-eating steps) Happy CNY!! :)


  2. How weird? My family pours the oil and black sauce into the rice, filled with condiments, and just mix it. May I know what is the reason of taking the condiments out before pouring the sauces?

  3. Hello anon,

    I think it's just for convenience sake! It's easier to mix the rice without the condiments on top - prevents over-spilling! =)

    JQ: HELLO DEAR! (: looks like our families have the same way of eating claypot rice! We shall meet once Ms Tan gets back! (: