Sunday, June 30

Babi Guling Ibu Oka (Ubud, Bali)

Good morning (: 

I finally slept in today and am feeling a lot less cranky, which is good because school is starting tomorrow! Oh well. The past week has been quite a busy week but I don't feel like it has been much somehow.. maybe it's the constant movement, the flitting about to do this and that, and to meet he and she and they.. and all this movement just gets to me because I feel like I'm doing a million and one things yet nothing substantial at all. I guess I have today to be by myself and just take things slow before the madness kicks in tomorrow. 

Since I'm still reminiscing the good and golden days in Bali, I have decided to post the photos taken at a "must go" place in Ubud - Ibu Oka. This eatery serves awesome roasted pig, according to my trusty travel companion! haha Coincidentally, we bumped into friends unexpectedly outside Ibu Oka and they concurred that the roasted pig was nothing short of fantastic! 

So here are a few photos to share our experience: 

Their original eatery was under renovation so they relocated to this place that looks like a temple.

The tables are low (knee-height) and we had to sit on the mat to eat. There were many flies and it was quite warm but I liked the experience (: Felt like it was something Balinese that I should try.

Simple and plain menu. The entire menu is filled with variations of roasted pork dishes so there's plenty to choose from! (: Ibu Oka a place for meat lovers so if you, like me, do not eat meat then it's probably advisable for you to get something before/ after visiting this place. 

The view of this eatery from where I was sitting at. There were many caged birds and many other diners who were just chilling and taking their time to chat and eat. 

The two big coconuts containing coconut juice that wasn't sweet =S I think I prefer young coconuts cos they have nice and soft white flesh whereas these are completely bare! The young coconuts also tend to contain sweeter coconut juice.

And this was what we came here for! I know it doesn't look like much really because it's all a heap but it made my companion really happy to have this cheap & affordable dish! (: I think it costs about SGD$4? Sorry I can't remember the exact price but I know it was comparable to food court prices. Extremely worth it! (:

Alright so that's all for now (: I hope to continue updating this space even after term starts! Term 3 is going to be nutty for me so I will do all I can to take things in my stride and stay sane (: Happy Sunday! (:

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