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I've been cooped up indoors since I came back at the start of the week due to the hazy weather. The last time I experienced such weather was when I was in P5 - and I can still remember my PE lessons being cancelled and my right eye getting infected =( I have very sensitive eyes and they get irritated easily so what happened when I was P5 was that my eyes got itchy and swollen to the point there was yellow sticky pus-like things coming out from it =( It was horrible. So to prevent my eyes from becoming irritated, I will be good and stay indoors though I really miss being mobile and being outdoors.

Anyhow, I shall cheer up by posting photos of THE BEST meal I had in Bali, where I went for a holiday last week (: Before I went to Bali, I did research on where to go and what to eat, and there was one particular review which said that Sardine is a "MUST GO", especially for their very affordable lunch sets. There were many other reviews that sang in the same tune as this very first one so of course I knew I had to give it a go.

We visited Sardine on a weekend afternoon for lunch, which might explain why their set lunch was not on offer but it was okay - set lunch or not, I just wanted to visit this much raved-about place.

A cute little NYDC-looking dog greeted us at the front of the restaurant! This poor dog was leashed to the tree and had to seek shelter in the shade! The temperature that day was 34deg, much like what Sg was before it became all hazy. I really pity this docile and sweet-looking dog! :(

Their lovely setting. I think the colours go very well. The overall vibe is relaxed and chill, not at all chi chi and pretentious (well at least I didn't feel it). Just what we needed on a weekend afternoon (: 

A paddy field faces the restaurant so you get to enjoy greenery while dining (: There were some tourists who walked all the way to take photo under this hut but it was way too hot for me to walk in the sun so I used my camera and zoomed in to take this shot =P

Our first glasses of drinks. I realised that it's a terrible idea to order ice-blended in the sweltering heat because the ice melts way too quickly and it becomes this yucky liquid that's not nice to drink at all! =( Being a slow drinker, I suffered the fate of having to drink some of this yucky liquid till I could take it no more and ordered - you guessed it - sprite! (: Sprite never fails me!

For starters, we had scallops and these were done to PERFECTION! Oh man they were just SO good! (: The scallops were fresh, the diced tomatoes and other sauces went very well together and you feel such joy eating it. Almost every table ordered this dish and it is plain to see why. This definitely is a must-try dish!
If I'm not wrong, this is their Mediterranean salad, which was also very fresh-tasting. I like how they didn't douse the veggies with too much vinaigrette sauce and that the entire dish wasn't too sour (: It was lovely.

Our seafood and asparagus risotto was probably the only dish which we felt that we could have given a miss because it wasn't spectacular. It was simple, clean-tasting and decent but it wasn't something to rave about. I regretted ordering this only because it took up all my stomach space for desserts and I didn't get to try any of their yummy desserts! =S

The highlight of our meal was definitely this HUGE lobster! haha I have not had such a huge lobster placed in front of me before and when it came, I was SO thankful that we were sharing it else I'd definitely feel overwhelmed! haha I didn't expect it to be this big! Given its size, I had expected the meat to be quite tough but surprisingly, it was quite tender and it was nothing short of what I expect a good lobster to taste like! (:

They even served us brown rice to go with the lobster (all the more we shouldn't have ordered risotto! pffft). We truly appreciated and enjoyed this dish (:

If I were to go back to Sardine again, I'd definitely give the risotto a miss so that I can order a dessert! Their dessert menu looks fabulous and it is a pity that I didn't get to try any. Oh well, at least I'd a fantastic meal at Sardine! (: (: (:

If you are in Seminyak, Bali, you really should head to this place for a meal. Hopefully you'll enjoy the experience and the food as much as we did (:

Alright that's all! Happy weekend everyone (:

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