Friday, June 14

Revisiting The Line

Hello everyone! (: 

I am in Bali right now to take a break from life and so far things have been good on the whole.. (: We met with a couple of rather unpleasant situations but nothing too treacherous to ruin our holiday so all is well (: We hope to enjoy our weekend here in Bali before going back to Reality. 

Anyhow, I'm going to post photos from our recent (re)visit to The Line and I must say that the most recent visit changed my impression (for the better) about the restaurant which I used to think as 'a super high-class version of Food Republic" =X

I suspect the previous visits weren't that great because somehow The Line was always very crowded and noisy.. and though the restaurant was still bustling with life this time round, the noise level was surprisingly bearable and that really helped in helping me enjoy my dining experience more (: 

I think their lunch buffet is probably one of the best you can find around in terms of price, range and quality of food and ambience and I think it's a great place to meet up with friends because there should be something for everyone! If there were still Saturday family outings, I would gladly suggest The Line (but since Jeff is being such a loyal Sushi Tei patron, this is out of the question). 

Alright here are some photos taken that very wonderful afternoon: 

There is definitely more food on offer than all these but these are some of what we managed to try and stomach (: I think I'll gladly go back again now that I am more convinced that it is possible to have a relatively pleasant dining experience at The Line (:

Have a good Father's Day weekend! Goodnight! (:

P.S. Happy Father's Day, LPP! (

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