Thursday, June 6


Hello! (:

I'm feeling bushed from doing nothing but walk around Marina Bay Sands area & Gardens by the Bay today for Staff Retreat so I decided to go easy on myself and do a 'lazy' post.

We went back to Melt a weekend or so ago and we were pretty surprised to find that it was relatively EMPTY. It was actually quiet enough for us to have some privacy and to talk properly without straining our ears.

Naturally, the first few questions that came to my mind were: What had happened to the overcrowded/ noisy Melt that I ate at a year or two ago? Has the food standard dropped THAT much? Where are all the people? Is there some event that I don't know about?

Instead of speculating, I decided to let the food speak for itself! (: We didn't have any problems orientating ourselves since we had been to Melt before so we knew where to go to get the kinds of food that we like to eat. The spread remains wholly the same so there isn't much change wrt food selection.

The service was pretty good and the waiter that attended to us (his name is called Emmanuel) was extremely friendly! He also recommended their signature dish, the laksa, which I personally felt wasn't fantastic as the laksa 'soup' was quite diluted and didn't have enough kick, but that is beside the point. He was just so earnest about it that I couldn't bear to not take up his recommendation!

Alright, here are some photos of the food we had that day:

On the whole, the quality of food is comparable to the past though some dishes - mainly the raw ones like sashimi and prawns - weren't that fresh so we didn't take too much of those just to be safe. Their Indian Food Section still rocks and so does their dessert section (: It is worth going if you fancy giving yourself a treat (: Unfortunately, I can't remember how much this costs but you can always call them up to check it out before going (:

Alright that is all for now (: Have a great Friday and an even better weekend! (:

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