Tuesday, July 23

Kim's Family

Hello! (:

It's been way too long since I last blogged and frankly I'm a little bothered by it =| I try to comfort myself by telling myself that my Instagram account is well and alive (especially during weekends) but I will definitely come back here (or at least try very hard to) to continue blogging (: It's therapeutic in some ways.. to be able to record the places that I've been to.

So a couple of weeks ago, we decided to go to the nearby Kim's Family Restaurant for lunch and it was as nice as the previous visit because the place wasn't too crowded. This time, we ordered just enough food so we didn't have to try too hard to finish our food, which is great because I don't really like to waste food unless absolutely necessary.

Really love how they serve these appetizers almost immediately upon arrival. One shocking realisation we had that day was that Kim's now charges for these "open food"! All these appetizers, which used to come free, now cost $25! =S Isn't that a lot? Gah. Guess they have to find some way to keep their business alive!

The soft beancurd kimchi soup ($15) was wonderful because though it looks very spicy, it is actually quite alright.. and that, coming from a person who can't really handle spicy food very well, means that the soup's spiciness is really manageable! (: I like that there were huge blocks of soft beancurd in the soup! (: Ate them all up!

Another staple dish that I'll gladly order over and over again is the Chives Pancake ($14). Truth be told, I was first exposed to chives when my family used to go to Chinatown to eat jiao zi at the People's Park Food Centre and I'd always thought that it's an odd vegetable because I can't really figure out how I feel about its taste and texture. I guess it goes well with the starch that makes up most of the pancake and I like how it is cooked this way! (:

The new dish that we tried that day was the Korean Glass Noodles ($15), which at first glance looks like rice vermicelli but it actually isn't because it is slightly thicker and smoother. This dish tastes like another Chinese dish that I know except that there is more noodles than vegetables here, and that the sauce is actually sweet-ish! Glad we got to try this dish! (:

The meal ended with the usual servings of slices of oranges and tiny cups of cinnamon tea (: Kim's is definitely one of my shortlisted restaurants near my home that I wouldn't mind going when I don't wish to travel to town for a meal (:

Alright that is all. Have a great week ahead everyone! (:

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