Sunday, July 14

Sunday Remix Brunch at The Kitchen Table


The weekend is finally here! (:  It has been quite a long & trying week for me and though things weren't completely fine nor did plans fall perfectly into place, I'm thankful for the things that went well and am looking forward to just taking this weekend to do what matters most.

Last weekend, we decided to travel to W Hotel Sentosa to have a very late brunch at The Kitchen Table! It was my first time visiting W Hotel and I was pretty excited to see what it is like. Truth be told, I kind of expected it to be a chi chi type of hotel where people go to be seen and I was a bit afraid that the atmosphere/ feel of The Kitchen Table wouldn't be to my liking but I guess I'll never know till I go so I went ahead (:

Fortunately, the ambience of The Kitchen Table was nothing like I had imagined it to be! It was rather chillax and I felt comfortable dining there (: I appreciated the rather colourful and beach-resort-like interior decoration, high ceilings and natural light coming from outside. I almost wish I was on a beach holiday. 

There is quite a lot of food to eat at Sunday Remix Brunch as both The Kitchen Table and Skirt are opened for this brunch. We went for the non-alcoholic brunch which costs $108++/pax and it came with free flow soft drinks/ juices/ tea/ coffee (: 

Here are some photos of the food we had that day:  

 I wasn't in a tea/ coffee mood so I requested for hot chocolate and they served it to me! (: (: (: It was good! 

On the whole, the food is relatively good and I think it is definitely more worth it if you like meat and seafood (: I really loved some of the items in their dessert section (e.g. brownie, their fruit cup, the chocolate fondue) but the rest were okay-good for me.

One of the nicest things that happened after our long brunch was that we went for a relatively long walk around the area and I was quite fascinated by the fact that an entire neighbourhood has been created at that little corner of tiny Sentosa. I felt like I was walking in the set of Stepford Wives! It was great to be able to take in new sights (of places and things that I'll never dream of owning in my life) and it felt like I was once again discovering new places in Singapore. Really miss those more-carefree days where I could go on self-organised excursions every other week.

Alright that's all for today (: Have a good rest of the weekend! (:

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