Saturday, August 17

Open Door Policy

Hello (:

A couple of weekends ago, we went to Open Door Policy for a late lunch. Actually, how we ended up at that place was pretty much a matter of... fate? We were looking for a place that opened till 3pm at least because we could only meet at 2pm. Since most places close at 2.30pm after lunch and ODP was one of the cafes that wasn't too faraway that opened past 2.30pm, we decided to give it a go (after all, they were supposedly famous for their ODP burger!)

Okay this is kind of a downer because I had typed an entire post but somehow there was a glitch so it didn't get posted.. and I'm not about to re-blog so I shall just post photos taken by my iPhone of the food we had that day (:

On the whole the food was pretty good but we felt that the dishes were overpriced. The souffle was probably the only thing worth mentioning because it was possibly the best souffle that I've had in my life. I'm not a souffle person and personally I don't like eating souffles so I think my liking of ODP'S Pistachio Souffle says a lot (:

Alright I'm dead beat so I'm going to log off now (: Happy weekend!

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