Saturday, August 24

Omakase Burger

Hello (:

I'm finally back home after spending the day at Literature Seminar and let's just say that I'm glad to be home (: One thing I noticed about kids from my school is that they are genuinely nice - they will spend almost all of their Saturday going for this event just to support their friends who are presenting (as well as to take part in the other activities) and when their friends present, they actually make the effort to be there. I was really glad to be part of the experience because I think these kinds of feeling just come so unsuspectingly yet they are priceless.

Anyhow, my siblings, a couple of plus-ones and I finally made a trip to Omakase Burger and they unanimously agreed that the omakase burgers are superb! Since there was no fish or veggie burger, I pretty much ate lotsa fries (tried all kinds except for one which we didn't order) and ate a raisin bun which was quite nice too (:

Here are some photos of the food we had that night: 

Bacon Cheese Burger Meal with normal fries and a cup of orange juice ($22.40)  

Chicken Sandwhich Meal with truffle fries and rootbeer float ($24.40)  

 Deluxe Cheese Burger Meal with onion rings and lemonade ($23.40) 

Omakase Cheese Burger Meal with sweet potato fries and sprite ($20.80)

Extra serving of sweet potato fries ($4.90) and a raisin roll ($1.90).

This was possibly the most expensive fastfood meal I've had in my life but it was worth the trip! (: I definitely am looking forward to re-visiting this place and hopefully we will get to try new items in future! (: I am so thankful that Omakase is near our place so we can probably go there during the weekday when it is less crowded! (: Can't wait for our next trip back!

Alright that is all for now (: Happy weekend! (:


  1. hi miss limmy! there's actually a secret off-menu vegetarian ratatouille burger which you can request for, & a special of this month fish burger! =))

  2. Hello there! (: Thank YOU for giving me this valuable piece of information! (: I'd love to try these non-listed items! Can't wait to go back! (: Thanks once again!